Monday, November 18, 2013

Scene 11: a Prose

Landscape's Lullaby

Ears are not the only parts that hear. Our eyes hear those things too quiet for our ears; they hear those songs that can only be found in the curves of the landscape.  Those songs are in the inclines of the mountain and the tufts of fur tree shivering under the freshly fallen snow.  It is those notes that are in rivers fighting the freeze and in the sun piercing through the clouds, its rays magnifying the melody.  It is the song of birds unwilling to leave their homes boldly defying Mother Nature, and of the stubborn orange bushes, naked of their leaves, which refuse to be hidden.  It is the bass undertones of the red-brown etchings in the cliff face that stands as a sentinel.  My eyes hear their song.  Their harmony calls to my wandering heart and thrums in my bones.  It blankets me in its beauty and sings to me, “You are home.”

Teton Mountain Pass, taken on our drive through yesterday... the drive that inspired this prose. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Scene 10: THE Challenge

I have taken up the mantle.

That's write... I mean, right.  I'm at it again.

My first NaNoWriMo was in 2010.  And I won.  Meaning that I reached my goal of writing 50,000 words in one month.  That manuscript is the one and the same that I finally finished on July 4th this year and have been editing and rewriting since.

I'm ready to take a break.

Three years is a loooong time to work on one manuscript.  Not to suggest it's all I've worked on in three years, nor that I have worked on it consistently for three years, but all the same... it needs to rest for a while.

What better way to take a break from your writing than to start something new?  Am I right?

Day One: Beautiful crisp fall morning.  Husband at work, kids at school.  Dog sleeping at my feet, his stomach making suspicious sounds.  Birds tweeting away, mama bird happy in her nesting box where she is warming her four little birdie eggs.  Me in my p.j.s and fuzzy pink socks, perfect writing attire.  Flipping through my various notebooks, I find pages of notes I've made (to include a map--yes, be impressed) of my chosen project.  Crack the knuckles, adjust the computer chair... and login to facebook.

Wait!  What?  Not what I meant to do, I swear.

Let's try again.

Close browser.  Open Pages-> New Document.  Flip through my notes, finding my intro I'd written months and months ago.  Begin to type.  Yes!  Now, we're in business.  Hit enter.  Reach to turn the page on my notes... slide the lock bar on my phone and check my email.

Seriously!  Who's in charge here?

Focus, Leigh.  Just focus.

Type away.  Let those fingers fly.  Excellent.  The intro is finally in print!  Now to the story.

But first... let out the dog.  Use the restroom.  Have a snack.  Check facebook while you eat... it's multitasking, people.  Brush your teeth so you can put your retainers back in.  Ew.  Best to clean your retainers.  Check your email, clear it all out so you can sit back down and truly focus.  Get lost in an article about learning disabilities and working memory issues that leads you to another article that you really love and need to share so you post it on facebook where you see an article about a family of 11 living in a garage that your sister should read so you email it to her and she texts you a response, which reminds you, you didn't respond to your friend's text earlier so why not now and while you're at it you should text your son just to let him know that you love him which reminds you that you need to switch over the laundry because you do love your kids and you want them to have clean clothes and as you pass through the kitchen to do the laundry you realize you haven't thought about what to cook for dinner yet so you decide you'd better get that started too and then you proceed to wash the morning dishes and sweep the floor and suddenly remember that what you really want to be doing is writing since the house is empty and there isn't anyone home to interrupt you so you make your way back to the computer and sit down to write a blog post.

Challenges are by definition "a task or situation that tests someone's abilities" or/and "entering into opposition" and/or "to do something that one thinks will be difficult or impossible".

It's going to be a long month.

p.s.  I did get 2634 words written today... eventually.