Hands to hold.
Hands to hurt.
Hands that dig and throw the dirt.
Eyes to twinkle.
Eyes to glare.
Eyes that roll, admire and stare.
Lips to laugh.
Lips to lick.
Lips that snarl and kiss and tick.
Knees to bow.
Knees to lock.
Knees that shake in fear and knock.
Ears to lend.
Ears to shun.
Ears that spy and seek and learn.
Heart to love.
Heart to hate.
Heart that bends and binds and breaks.
Mind to ponder.
Mind to close.
Mind that calms, teases and knows.
Touching, feeling, seeing, breathing
One and not one living, being.

The outlander, the stranger,
The awakening East of Eden.

The sinner, the saint,
The follower without complaint.
The origin, the end,
The first companion, mother, friend.
The breath of life,
The listener to the snake that bites.
The leader, the brave,
The worthy sacrifice she freely gave.
The author of a new world order.

True of False
The sky is black,
The water thick,
People usually lie and trick.
The grass is blue,
The snow is green,
To be successful one must be mean.
The mountains is short,
The mouse is tall,
I am insignificant and small.
Trees grow down and carrots climb up,
Always half-empty is my cup.
The truth is never what it seems 
and subtle is the lie.
I am worth more than my weight in gold;
A quiet truth, despite fallacious screams.

Truth will prevail,
When hope prevails.

blooming flowers, blue and white
new stars that twinkle in the night
ruptured eggs and newfound cries
fresh-from-chrysalis butterflies
taking flight 'round fragrant flowers
floating past the stars for hours
crawling, climbing, stumbling run
exploring the globe has now begun
for each young creature of the spring
joy in each moment may it bring

Winter's Calling, an Ode to Autumn
Orange glow and apples crisp,
Leaves drop down like flies.
Sweet love and nature's kiss
for Winter's long goodbye.
Wind and mist sing and mourn,
counting down the days
'Til cold and quiet bid the world
To sleep, to hide, to fade.

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