Friday, August 23, 2013

Scene 4: Snippet

I thought since I shared with you a quick look at Margie's voice in my last post, I'd share with you another snippet from another character's perspective.

World, meet Luke.

The weights slammed against the stand again and again and again.  I knew better than to abuse the machines like this.  Coach would have my butt running suicides and hauling tractor tires until I collapsed in a puddle of my own vomit... if he caught me.  But the rhythm of metal on metal--wham, wham, wham--was steady, like hitting my sticks on the drums. And, right now, it was all that was keeping my rage in check. 

I couldn’t explain the heated steel of jealousy that had cut into my chest as I watched Dane with the new girl.  But there it was, unbidden, confusing and so da... so ef... frog-licking frustrating. Curse my mom for beating the swear words out of me! Sure the girl was cute and that accent... ahhh, it could drive any guy insane.  But I just met her.  Who was this five-foot nothing, nervous girl to me?  

I slammed the weights harder, faster as my irritation with myself increased.  No.  I wasn’t upset with myself.  It was Dane.  It had always been his style to sweep in and claim the prize before anyone else even had the chance to make it onto the field for the game.  I’d known that before I could even talk.  

“Dude, you’d better take it easy on that machine.”  Speak of the devil... Dane eased into the machine next to me.  “You know how Coach gets.  What’s eating at you anyway?”

It’s a good thing he’s my best friend.  Because when I looked over at him, I had the strongest desire to grab a twenty-pound free weight and throw it at his face.  What? Why?  

What’s wrong with me?  No girl had ever come between Dane and I before.  She wasn't about to now.  My arms were fully extended mid-press and I simply let go.  I needed to clear my head.  I cringed at the clatter of weights crashing to the floor behind me as I stomped over to the punching bag.  I settled into a quick rhythm of right, left, right... boom, ba, boom.  Much better.

What I picture Luke looking like... only not as tan and with very green eyes.

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